New England Homes of the Bruins: See Where Your Favorite Players Live Off the Ice

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 by John Otterbein

The wound's still fresh. The Bruins, as anyone reading this post is probably well aware of, have missed a playoff berth for the second consecutive year in dramatic fashion after getting thrashed in a 6-1 defeat by the Ottawa Senators.

After losing nine of their last twelve games (winning one more of those games would have secured their spot), some of your favorite sports icons are packing up their lockers, putting down their sticks, and heading back to their million dollar homes to reflect on what exactly went awry in the home stretch of the 15-16 season..

While we can't use J's neuralyzer from the 1997 blockbuster, Men in Black to wipe your memory clean of what just transpired for the Boston Bruins, we certainly can compile a list of their lavish, New England Homes for your viewing pleasure.

So, as you're steering clear of ESPN and NESN to avoid the inevitable stream of analyses detailing the Bruin's defeat, take a load off and check out where some of your favorite hocky heroes call home.


Zdeno Chara (33) | Defenseman

Union Wharf, Boston

When he's not towering over his competitors on the ice, everyone's favorite defenseman and team captain, Zdeno Chara, can be found at has extravagent townhouse in the North End of Boston. He reportedly lives in his 2,500 square-foot abode with his wife and daughter. 

Chara's come a long way in his career, hailing from Slovakia and playing in the National Hockey League for nineteen seasons. He actually recieved pressure early on to play basketball because of his astounding stature, standing at 6'9 and weighing in at a feathery 250 lbs. The NHL even had to make an exemption that allowed his stick to be two-inches longer than regulation.


Brad Marchand (63) | Left Wing

Lincoln Wharf, Boston

Brad Marchand, the Bruin's primary left-wing ace, has made quite the name for himself since his NHL debut back in 2009. He was a crucial roleplayer during the Bruin's championship season in 2011 and continues to improve year over year. 

Marchand migrated from his long-time Hallifax home and purchased this 3,500 square-foot penthouse in the North End for $1.46 million back in 2013. It comes equipped with cathedral ceilings, far-flung views, and a kitchen that would have any foodie drooling. 


Tuukka Rask (40) | Goaltender

Charlestown, Boston 

The Bruin's tenacious goaltender, Tuukka Rask, was born and raised in Finland and was swept up by theNHL back in 2006. Since then, he's been praised as one of the leagues best goaltenders. He even had a new species of wasp named after him for his dexterius glove-hand. The scientists must have been big hockey fans, but even so, it's a testament to Rask's dominant style of play.

Tuukka now resides in Charlestown in the Constellation Wharf. His $1.29 million townhouse is approximately 2,500 square feet and boasts two private decks, two fireplaces, and three bedrooms.

Claude Julien | Head Coach

 Lexington, MA

Despite the heat Claude Julien is receiving after how this season unraveled at the very end, he's still going to go down in the record books as one of the most successful coaches in the Bruin's history. With 512 wins to his name, along with a championship back in 2011, Julien is revered by his players and peers as an absolute force of nature behind the bench.

Claude prefers the quiet and peaceful neighborhoods of Lexington, MA to the hustle and bustle of the Boston metropolis. When he's not at the rink, you can find him at his gorgeous home about twenty miles north of the city relaxing with his family. Good luck next season coach!


Are you more of a football fan than hockey? In that case, you should check out New England Homes of the Patriots to see where your favorite football stars kick back after their grueling season! Enjoy.

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